About Us

About Us

PT Sarana Gadai Prioritas (SGP) is a pawn company as defined in the Regulation of Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) No.31/POJK.05/2016 about Pawn Business. SGP is incorporated under Deed of Incorporation No. 19, dated September 9th 2016, by Notary Public Zulhius Patria Delly, SH., M.KN. and has obtained legalization of entity incorporation from the Minister of Law and Human Rights on the same date.

True to its name, Sarana Gadai Prioritas was established to assist high society with solutions for their urgent financial needs and short term loan with collateral. SGP strives to answer the demand in the pawn financing scheme by becoming the pioneer of pawn financing for high society.

With professional employees and seasoned experts in the pawn and banking field, and supported by shareholder from various industries, we all share a strong commitment to grow the company into the first choice pawn company for Indonesia’s high society.


We give loans to individual clients from the high-end category and Badan Usaha Kecil atau Menengah (SME) in the form of urgent funds, with a guarantee of collateral on the basis of pawn regulations as stipulated by the Peraturan Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (POJK) No.31/2016 regarding Pawn Business.
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To be the first choice pawn business for Indonesia’s high society


To provide urgent loan solution by prioritizing quality service for the customers and maintaining their privacy;

To become a trusted and reliable partner for prospective or existing customers in the fulfillment of urgent financial needs; and

To be a pawn company with sustainable and high growth.

Logo Meaning

The strand necklace that forms an open cup with a diamond in it has a philosophy of SGP’s vision and mission to provide urgent loan solution to the high society and grow with its customers and employees.